Upcoming Shows 2019

Apr 25 - 28: HuntEx 2019

Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, SA - Confirmed - Sharp Corner - Table 27

Jun 7 - 9: Blade Show 2019

Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, GA, USA - Scheduled

Nov 1 - 3: Blade Show West 2019

Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR, USA - Scheduled

Nov 22 - 23: New York Custom Knife Show 2019

Wesitn Jersey City, Newport, NJ, USA - Scheduled

2020 Planned:

January 2020: SCI, Reno, NV, USA

April 2020: HuntEx, South Africa

June 2020: Blade Show - Atlanta, GA, USA

November 2020: Blade Show West - Portland, OR, USA

November 2020: NYCKS - Jersey City Newport, NJ, USA


Scrimshaw by Mariscke Oelofse | Print |


Scrimshaw is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory. Scrimshaw is derived from the practice of sailors on whaling ships creating common tools, where the byproducts of whales were readily available. The term originally referred to the making of these tools, only later referring to works of art created by whalers in their spare time. Whale bone was ideally suited for the task, as it is easy to work and was plentiful.

Modern-day Scrimshaw & Materials

While scrimshaw is rarely done on whale bone these days, it is still practiced by a few artists. Common modern materials are ivory (elephant, fossil - mammoth), hippo tusk, warthog ivory, buffalo horn, giraffe bone and mother of pearl. Modern scrimshaw typically includes wildlife images, but can also go well outside of the traditional.

About me

I started scrimshaw at the age of 17 and developed my own personal style. Wild animals are my favourite subjects and also like special projects.  My work is mostly done on knives made by my father Tinus.

We do various Father & Daughter collaborations and my work has taken me as far as the annual Blade Show in Atlanta, GA, USA.


M!M!  - (Mariscke)